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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thinks You Can Think

If you have seen Suessical the Musical the title of this blog is probably familiar. I love this show and it is another I am involved with this year. I'll be doing makeup for 71 characters for the local children's community theater and have been having a blast designing their faces. But, it is the lyrics to Oh, The Thinks You Can Think that speaks to the writer in me. It is the first song of the show and begins like this:

Oh, the thinks you can think!
Oh the thinks you can think
If you're willing to try

The song continues and later the boy sings:

Oh, the thinks you can think!
Any thinker who thinks
Can come up with a few

Following, different Suess characters are introduced and the show takes off.

If you are a writer, you are a thinker. While we may not create famous characters like Horton the Elephant or The Cat in the Hat, we do hope our characters are memorable to your readers and last for as many years.

Have you ever sat back and just let your imagination fly? It doesn't matter if these characters make it in your book, or how farfetched the scene or setting. Isn't it just fun to let your mind go and come up with the craziest things?

Suessical the Musical, Music by Stephen Flaherty, Lyrics by Lynn Ahrens


  1. Dr. Seuss was a genius, love his books...

  2. Great inspiration as I'm starting to plan my next book!

  3. I am so impressed that you are doing all the makeup too!! Wow:))

  4. Lin, I love Suess. I think my favorite now is Oh, The Places You Will Go, but when I was a child, my mom had to read Are You My Mother, over and over and over . . .

    Jody, glad you are inspired and great stuff comes from your thinking :)

    Terri, the makeup is really fun to design. Let's just hope what I have colored and in my mind translates well to the faces.

  5. Amy: I have to be careful, since I write what is supposed to be non-fiction. I used to get upset with my husband when he "embellished" his sermon illlustrations; now I find myself adding little tidbits to my anecdotes, then asking myself, "is that the way it really happened?"

    Is this what they call literary license?

    I, too, am impressed with seventy faces you are designing! Wow.

  6. It is fun. :-) I'm always people get kidnapped or bodies being stuffed into trunks....LOL I don't know why I write romance when my mind is obviously in the suspense zone.

    That's pretty cool that you can design faces. Very creative!

  7. What a great post. It reminds me to think outside the box, which I really need to do more often.

  8. Wow, what a fun job, to do the makeup for all those kids.

    I love Dr. Seuss. What an imagination he had!

  9. Sorry to be behind in my responses. Got caught up in the makeup. We make a first run of it tomorrow.

    Jeannette, tidbits can be fun additions, especially if it adds to what you are writing.

    Jessica, I think maybe you need to be writing Romantic Suspense - then you can stuff people into the trunk all the time and still have a HEA :)

    T. Anne - I always have to remind myself to think beyond and look at a situtation from a different angle. Being around Suess is going to be inspiriting - I hope.

    Melissa, it is going to be fun and I don't think my own imagination could ever compare to that of Dr. Suess.