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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Counting Down

In just 4 days the RWA Conference begins. I've been looking forward to this since I left the conference last year. However, I am still undecided on which workshops to attend. It seems I change my mind almost daily. Do I attend the craft workshops so I can improve my writing. Or, do I attend the carrier workshops since my book first book is now published? Oh, decisions, decisions. So far, the only one that has remained consistent as one of my choices is "Merging Inspiration, Romance and More: Writing for the Inspirational Market".

Have you been to the conference? Is there a workshop that is a "must attend"? I would love to hear feeback on conferences you have attended. It doesn't have to be the RWA Conference. What were your favorite parts or what workshops did you learn the most from?


  1. well not being a romance writer but I've attended a ton of writers workshops and conference. I love those sessions where we get to write or try some new idea. It always gets me going creatively...

  2. You sound so excited! I think some year I will look into this as it seems I mostly write romance. I never knew until this year that it is for Christian writing as well:)

  3. Lin,
    I haven't tried one where I get to write something. I may see if there are any.

    The conference covers all genres of romance. From Inspy to Sweet to erotica as well as Historical to Contemporary and Paranormal. There is something for everyone whether it is a craft class, regardless of what you write or something specific for the market you wish to particpate in. The other inspy workship is "Making the Jump to the Inspirational Market" which I also plan on attending. All are geared toward Romance. One of the online RWA groups I belong to (though I read all posts but hardly every participate) is Faith Hope and Love. It is a group for Inspirational/Christian Romance authors.

  4. I haven't attended any conferences yet, but I'm planning to attend ACFW in Sept. And I'm super excited!

  5. Jody,

    I've never attend the ACFW. You will have to tell me all about it. I would like to know how it compares to the RWA. Have fun. I am sure you will take a lot from it.

  6. I did, a few years ago, but I'm not sure I have must-attend classes.
    Have tons of fun!!! :-)

  7. I am going, but it is my first time. I cant wait. Hope to see you there!

  8. Jessica, I am sure it will be a blast.

    Louise, this is my second time. I'll be on the lookout for you. You are going to have a great time.

  9. I'm going to RWA Nationals too! One of the workshops I'd love to attend is Online Promotion: B(u)y the Book. Michelle Buonfiglio is one of the presenters and I was blessed to hear her speak before. She's amazing!

    I'd love to catch up with you in DC!

  10. Have fun! I've never been to Nationals, just my local chapter conference--which is a BLAST!

  11. Jill,
    Thanks for the tip on the workshop. I did have that one listed as a possiblity, now I will put a star beside it. I'll look for you in DC.

    Hopefully you can make it next year. The conference is a great experience and I know I learned so much from it last year and met a lot of great people. We don't hae a local chapter. Wish we did though.

  12. I haven't been to any conferences. I'm hoping to at least make it to one by this time next year! Good luck to you!

  13. The last RWA conference I attended was in Atlanta in 2006. Hope you have a great time.

  14. Amy: Are you back yet? How many editors wanted your proposal/full ms.? We are waiting impatiently for a report!
    BTW, pop over to my blog to pick up an award i gave you...
    Jen, Audience of ONE