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Tuesday, August 04, 2009


If you write any type of fiction you know there are specfic characters you need. For romance (my favorite) you need the Hero and Heroine. Then there are the secondary characters, or the supporting cast, with whom our main characters interact with as the story unfolds. Sometimes, and more often than not, there is a villian. This could be a truely bad person set out to do harm - such as a murderer in a mystery. Or, it could simply be a person who is so selfish that they don't care who they trample on in reaching their goal. We know there are several types of characters and ways to use those characters in a story, but this is more about the good guy/gal, even if they aren't in the lead role in your novel.

The Sunday School lesson this past weekend was The Good Samaritan and thankfully none of the students asked me an impossible question. As I was driving home from church I started to think about the lesson and wondered if I have written a Good Samaritan into my novels. It turns out I have, but I never consciously thought of them with that specfic title.

As a Christian or Inspirational author, do you have a character who is your Good Samaritan? And, if you do, was this something you consciously did, or did the character simply evolve into someone who stops to help those in need, loves their neighbor and is without prejudice?


  1. I don't write inspirational fiction, although I do hope my YA fiction is inspirational in some way or another, but now that you mention it, I do have a Good Samaritan in my completed ms and my two WIPs. There should always be one of those, don't you think?

  2. Since I don't write novels I can't answer that but I like to read books that have a Good Samaritan involved in the plot. Even in everyday life it is nice to find someone who cares about others and is willing to give of themself in order to lift someone else up.

  3. Hmmm, great question! I think I kind of do, at least in some of them. It's more of a character who kind of provides some form of emotional support while the main characters are going through their problems.

    Great concept! I'd never even thought of this.

  4. I think there's probably a Good Samaritan in most of my characters...just as there's a good Samaritan in most of us...some just are more in touch with it than others.

  5. I write non fiction family histories and I think the good samaritan is my grandmother who always helped everyone. interesting post.

  6. My current book has three good samaritans and they inspire the self-centered hero to look outside of himself. Thanks for the nice post!

  7. My first attempt to even try fiction was last year with National Novel Writing Month. I still have the super rough draft-in waiting. But I found one of the main characters became a good Samaritan without his knowledge as the story progressed. But as others have said, I never thought of him that way.

    Good post,

  8. Lazy Writer,
    I think every novel should have a Good Samaritan, not matter what type. He is the good guy/gal afterall.

    I hope all of my books will now contain one. But, a character doesn't beat the real thing. I've met some Good Samaritan's in my life and it is always uplifting and makes me want to be better.

    Even if it just emotional support, that character is still your Good Samaritan. I would like to think that if the person robbed by the side of the road had only just been sitting there sobbing their heart out the Good Samaritan would have still stopped.

    I hope there is part of the Good Samaritan in most if not all of us.

    I think it is awesome that you grew up connected to a Good Samaritan. What an awesome role model to have.

    I love how you have three in your novel. Your self-centered hero didn't stand a chance :).

    That is what happened to me. I never considered certain characters to be Good Samaritans until after the lesson and I took a look at my work again. I hope I have at least one in every story from now on.

  9. Amy: What a great question.

    When I read a novel, I am elated to find a Good Samaritan tucked in among the average, selfish people. If I ever write a novel, I'm sure I'll include at least one GS!

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