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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Fall Cleaning

I am not a Spring Cleaner. As soon as the weather gets warm, I get out of the house and go spend time in my yard. However, as soon as the weather turns crisp, as it did this week, I clean. I do what most people do during spring cleaning. Every room is done but one – my office. I guess you couldn’t really call it an office, more of a space which I have tried to close in for privacy and quiet. With three kids, I think the quiet is almost impossible to obtain. It is small and full of papers, books, notes, cards, etc. I do have space around the computer that is clean so I have a spot to take notes and such, but most other surfaces are covered. I suppose some would call it cluttered. Though I wish there was more room I make do, as long as the stacks can stay neat. Once things get out of control it is hard to concentrate or write.

I’ve heard writers talking about needing music or needing quiet. What about cleanliness and clutter? Does your work area have to be clean or can you work in the middle of mess? Or, it doesn’t matter and you can write anywhere.


  1. everyone is different, one person's stacks and clutter are organized in their minds. But I can tell when I need to sort and discard and reorganize...

  2. Oh, wouldn't I love a bright, cheerful, QUIET office in which to work!! Maybe someday! But at this stage in my life, I work at the kitchen table. My stack of research books gets shuffled around as does my laptop. But I can't wait for the ideal to write or I'd never get going! :)

  3. I think I can probably write anywhere, though I do prefer little noise. :-)

  4. I'd say I need to be clutter-free but my office is pretty darn cluttered! My hatred of cleaning seems to outweigh my need for cleanliness and order!

  5. I'd love clean and neat all around me, but then I'd never get to writing. So I settle for whatever state my house is in at the moment. Glad to know I'm not alone!

  6. I have to have clean around me to write. If it's cluttered or messy, I think more about that than I do writing. Of course, lots of things distract me when I'm writing so it's best to have a simple, quiet area. One day maybe!

  7. You are so wise to clean in the fall rather than spring. I love puttering around outdoors, too.

    I finally have an office now that our son is moved away, and it's clean all but the desk, where I have notes, lists, ideas, chapter synopses, etc. Sometimes candy.

    I love quiet. But I can write with a little noise in the background, as long as it's not Elvis. HA! My hus loves him...

  8. I often find myself working in clutter, but I would prefer order. I just let it get away from me sometimes, though.

  9. I can work in the clutter for sure, but I find I am less distracted when my space is clean and organized :)

  10. I don't like too much clutter, but it's okay as long as I know where everything is. But I can write anywhere--I think.:0

  11. Cleaning in the fall is good because you will be closed in for the winter and it's good to get any dust gone. I am like many who have responded. I love a clean area but the desk tends to clutter fast.

  12. It's so nice the feeling of clean rooms.... even if you know its only temporary. I just try to ignore any mess near the computer and look at the keyboard or screen. :O)

  13. Lin,
    I am getting to the point where I need to organize.

    I used to write at the kitchen table, it is really hard to stay organized when the office is always moving from one spot to the next.

    I would love to be able to write anywhere, but I've gotten into the habit of having my storyboard, or at least character cards taped on the wall in front of me. I can't take that with me. Though, I will still haul the laptop out onto the patio on a nice day and update my cards when I am back at my desk.

    I agree with you. My clutter does have to get pretty bad before I tackle it.

    That is why I have to do a thorough cleaning in the Fall, even though it won't last. If I tried to stay on top of it all, I wouldn't have time to write either.

    I don't think about the clutter until I can't find something, then it is time to straighten the stacks.

    I anticipate an office sometime in late May. My eldest is getting married in the middle of May, thus freeing up a bedroom. Though I am sad that my first baby is growing up and will have a home of her own, and happy for her at the same time, it did cross my mind that I will be able to have an office, with a door and get out of the cubby at the back of my kitchen.

  14. Susan,
    I always let my clutter get away from me and I think I am going to have to address it in a day or so.

    A cleaner space is a lot less distracting, even though I can't keep it that way.

    I think the key to clutter is knowing where to find something. If you can, is it really cluttered? I've rationalized that it isn't cluttered until things are lost or I would alwasy be straightening.

    I agreed. I like my house clean, dust and cobweb free before we close the windows and doors for the winter.

    A clean room is a very nice feeling. I can relax more when everything has been picked up, put away, dusted and the floor vaccumed. Now, to figure out how to keep it that way and still have time to write.

  15. I need my clutter organized or else it distracts me. I kind of like everyone else's clutter organized too, which drives my menfolk up the wall. And my "office" is the family room, which drives everyone up the wall.