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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Starting Over

I can't believe it has been over a week since I was reading blogs or even attempted to write one. The flu hit the household and nothing brings life to a grinding halt like coughs, fever, achiness and general yuckiness. It stared with my son and one by one took us all down. But, thankfully, we are all back to our normal selves. So, today I am going to get back to reading the blogs I have come to love. I am sure I missed a lot of good ones too and I feel like I am starting all over with blogging.
I've also given some thought to how often I blog. Awhile back I decided I was going to be a weekend blogger. That didn't work because I still blogged during the week. I don't know if I am ever going to have a schedule or not, so I've decided not to try and post whenever something comes to mind.
I hope each of you remain flu free and healthy.


  1. I'm sorry your family got the flu! I dread getting it here. We got our shots but haven't gotten the other new one yet.
    I blog when the mood hits me. I figure most people check their blogger dashboard periodically and it will come up so do what you need to:)

  2. I, too, am so sorry you all have been sick. Nothing like the flu to make you appreciate good health and the amazing body God created for us.

    About the blogging - - I keep a Word Document entitled "Blog". When I think of something I want to post at some point, I will put it in the document. Then I don't have the stress of remembering but don't lose the thought.

  3. The problem with being a weekend blogger is it seems, even in cold months, that not as many people are on here on the weekend. I'm wondering if that means most of us are on here when we're supposed to be working! You'd be better off blogging only on Mon, Wed, and Fridays or just Mondays. Mondays you'll get TONS of reads. It seems to drop on Fridays? Maybe that's just me though.

  4. Sorry you've been sick, and I hope you find a blogging schedule that works for you.

  5. Oh, Amy sorry you and your family had that ole flu! But good to hear you are feeling better.

    It is so easy to get behind on blog reading, but so much fun when I can. Glad to have you back with us.


  6. I've noticed Monday is a busy blog day too.

    I'm so glad you're feeling better! I'm hoping the flu doesn't come our way... LOL

    There are days when the blog world is busy. You know you can write a post whenever you feel like it, then just save a draft or schedule it for posting on a certain day. :-)

  7. It sounds like the flu is hitting a lot of people. Glad you're all feeling better. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  8. Glad to hear you are all back to good health, Amy!

    Having a blog schedule is helpful, as even if I don't see your posts on my sidebar, I might still remember to stop by if the schedule is stuck in my mind.

    Good luck with figuring that out, whether or not to have one!

  9. So happy you are back to blogging and feeling better. I love reading your posts.

  10. Flu? Did you get the shot? I have to ask everyone because I am still on the fence. Hope you have all the antibodies now and are feeling strong. Good to have you back!
    As for posting, I post whenever I get the vibe otherwise I just end up talking gibberish, really bad gibberish.

  11. Glad you're feeling better. The flu hit our household in September.