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Friday, January 29, 2010

Spotlight on: J J Dare

Author of: False World
Publisher: Second Wind Publishing
ISBN 1935171380
November 22, 2009
Available from Second Wind Publishing and Amazon

The second book in the Joe Daniels' trilogy continues where False Positive ends as Joe continues his mission to destroy those who have destroyed his life. As the world changes, Joe's search for justice takes on a global urgency and he races to find answers before deadly answers find him. Beginning in a secluded town in the middle of nowhere, it is not long before Joe is traveling across the country and, ultimately, across a collapsing world on his quest for vengeance. The world is not what you see. And neither is Joe.

AMY: Thank you for joining me. What else would you like to share with us regarding your book?

JJ: False World, the second book in the Joe Daniel’s trilogy, picks up where the first book, False Positive, ends. We begin in the town of Normal and end up on the other side of the world.

AMY: Were there any surprises that came about while you were writing False World, or did your story stick with the plan you had set?

JJ: I wrote the ending first, then the beginning. To fill in the middle (the meat of the story), I kept asking myself how I would handle certain situations. I was surprised at my own answers.

AMY: What inspired you to write this book or these particular characters?

JJ: I was inspired by the writer’s eternal question, what if? What if everything in the world was controlled? What if war was really a conglomerate run like a co-op? My main character is based on a composite of military men I’ve known (including my father and brother) and partly from my own inner soldier.

AMY: Tell the readers about your writing journey and how you ended up with your publisher.

JJ: I’ve written short stories most of my life. From 2003 to 2005, eleven of my short stories were featured on Rutger Hauer’s website along with stories from other inspiring writers. In 2007, I entered a writing contest. Although I didn’t win, my story interested my current publisher, Second Wind Publishing. The rest is history!

AMY: If there is one piece of advice you could give an unagented / unpublished author, what would it be?

JJ: Never, ever stop writing, whether it’s for family, friends, or the world.

AMY: Besides False World, which we highlighted here, have you published other books or are there some that are yet to be released?

JJ: The first book in the trilogy, False Positive, was published in October, 2008. I’ve been published in Second Wind’s Romance Anthology, Love is on the Wind, and in the Mystery Anthology, Murder in the Wind. I have many books I’m working on right now in different genres: romance, sci-fi, horror, drama, non-fiction, and humor. And of course, more mystery/thriller/suspense novels.

AMY: How can we find you on the internet (facebook, twitter, myspace, blog, website addresses)






AMY: Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

JJ: I like to talk to people from everywhere. My curiosity is limitless – everyone I meet is interesting, everyone has stories to tell.

AMY: Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

JJ: What type of character in a story do you strongly identify with and why?

AMY: Readers, are there any questions you would like to ask J J Dare?

J J Dare has been generous enough give away an autographed copy of False World. I am sorry but this is limited to U.S. residents only, due to the cost of postage. If you would like a chance to win the book, simply comment and leave your e-mail address. A winner will be picked at random and announced Saturday night. Good luck.


  1. Hi, JJ. It was good getting to know another author. Murder mystery, huh? Interesting! Your book sounds intriguing, as well. Best of luck with sales!


  2. What type of character do I identify with? Hmmm I would have to say a strong heroine with a tendency to overcome many obstacles. As a teenage mother who had her first child at 16, I see myself as a survivor, so that's what I look for. That's what I write as well. I've always loved a good mystery but my true love is historical romances. I love the HEA. Good luck and great interview Amy!

  3. I would love to win JJ's book. Here's my addy: wordladymom@yahoo.com

  4. I'm not typically a murder mystery type of gal, but I'm in the middle of one right now and really enjoying it. I'm ready to branch out, so, JJ, I'll definitely put yours in my TBR!

    As for characters I identify with...I don't know if I gravitate toward any one type of character. As long as they are in a setting I like and don't do stupid things repetitively, then I can probably find SOMETHING I identify with in their character.

    Great interview, ladies!

  5. Great interview! I'm intrigued with the premise. Very nice.

  6. Thanks for the interview.

    I am writing a memoir, so I guess it is unfair of me to answer that I most identify with me :) LOL

    Have a great weekend

  7. I always enjoy reading these interviews and getting a little more information on how the writer got started and got published. Thank you!

  8. It's exciting your books are in print--I'm looking forward to reading them!