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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Me – Powerful Prayful Sunday

“Why me?” How often have we asked that question when bad things happen? Did Mary ask that question when she was told she was going to give birth to the Son of God? We all know how the birth of Christ came about. He was conceived and born of a virgin. But sometimes I think we distance ourselves from how it must have really been for Mary. Or, at least I do. Think about this. She conceived back in the day when having a child out of wedlock was one of the biggest shames any woman could suffer. Not like today. In today’s world a woman having a child without the benefit of matrimony is not really considered an oddity. However, back then, women who gave themselves to a man not their husband were stoned – to death. Now, not only is Mary unmarried and pregnant, but she tells her family that an angel came to her and the child is from God and not of man. What were her parents thinking? Can you imagine that kitchen table conversation? Then there is Joseph. He needed an angle to come to him to tell him to stand by his betrothed.

So, next time you look to the heavens and ask “Why me?”, think about that very young, innocent woman who was asked to conceive, carry and give birth to the One who would save us all, without the benefit of being united in Holy Matrimony first. If that isn’t enough, and you still think your burden is heavy, then think about what that innocent baby went on to do as a man. Could anyone have suffered more than Him?

I know we all have our challenges that weigh heavily on our hearts. They include loss of jobs, children with illnesses, parents with dementia, our own health issues to overcome, and several other problems that are the first thing that we think about in the morning and the last thing on our mind at night. And, it is so easy to “say” we turn our concerns and worries over to God. But, how often do we snatch them right back up as soon as we are done praying? We can have all the faith in the world. Be the best and strongest Christian (I know I am not) still worry. It is human nature to do so.

So, that was, and still is, my New Years Resolution – to meet each challenge in my life with a smile and a thank you, God, for being there for me and hoping to carry me through whatever wonderful or trying times I may face in 2010. Oh, it will not be easy and almost impossible to thank God when a parent’s mind is not what it used to be, or you don’t know how you are going to pay the mortgage, or a child is ill and continues to suffer from illness and your hands are tied. But, that is what we have prayer for. God wants us to come to Him when things are tough and good. In the bad times he is there to lessen our burdens.

This is Powerful Prayful Sunday. I welcome any prayer requests or praises in the comments and will remember each of you in my prayers each day this week.


  1. our lesson at church today was on letting Christ carry our burdens...timely post here.

  2. I know people have bigger problems than mine this week - - but the end of my week is heavier scheduled than I like - - but nothing can be changed. It's all good stuff - - and ministry stuff that just happened together. Pray for energy, rest, health, and peace in the midst of too much busy-ness. And pray for the recipients to receive the blessing of the Lord. . . . . and pray for traveling mercies for a speaker and some participants coming from a bit of distance to attend. THANK YOU!

  3. Great article, Amy. Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. My Mum's just gone home - not a big burden but the house feels empty without her and it was good to read your article.