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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let’s Talk Musicals

Last year I posted about favorite Christian songs. I noted that I often travel to and from work in silence. However, on those rare occasions when I want music I either listen to the local Christian Channel, Classic Rock Channel or a CD of my favorite musical of the moment.

Right now my favorite CD is Wicked. I just love that show and hope I get a chance to see it again. The songs are fun to sing but there is one in particular that I love – For Good. It is about friendship and probably my favorite in the entire show.

Other musical numbers I enjoy and need added to a play list are Impossible Dream from Man of La Mancha, Could We Start Again Please from Jesus Christ Superstar, They Were You and Try to Remember from The Fantasticks, Some Things are Meant to Be from Little Women, Seasons of Love from Rent . . . Well, this list could go on, and on, and on. I really like musicals if you haven’t gathered. I just finished working on Music Man, with familiar songs like Gary Indiana and Seventy-Six Trombones and I had a wonderful time backstage, as I always do.

Do you have a favorite musical or musical song? If you are not into musicals, do you have a favorite song of all time and is there a reason why this one song either brings a smile to your face, tears to your eyes or a memory to your heart?


  1. I'm not into musicals and I don't really have too many favorite songs (they change) but I LOVE my Last of the Mohicans soundtrack. Just love it. :-)

  2. It seems that for me certain songs touch my heart at certain times. Crying, laughing, etc. Then later on.... nothing. It no longer has the same meaning for me. :O)


  3. YES!!! Les Miserables. Absolutely LOVE the soundtrack (know much of it by heart.)
    For me it captures much of the human conditions (good v. evil ValJean v. Jabert), human love vs. God love, sacrifice, war (Red, Drink With Me).

    Sigh. I could go on and on but have a dirty house and work!!!

  4. My favorite CD right now is a Christian music album by Lille Diane. I love the songs on it, and it's extra special being someone I know!

  5. I'm into new age music mostly without lyrics...but love musicals some of them also.

  6. I'd have to say that, Sound of Music, comes to mind immediately! Lots of great songs and memories of my daughter playing them on the piano!

  7. Almost every single song in Godspell. What a fabulous piece of work. Also, has anyone heard any of the music in Children of Eden, another Shwartz piece, brilliant.

  8. Jessica, I can understand not being into musicals. I have a few friends that would rather have a root canal than sit in a theater.

    Diane, I have been like that with songs, too. Sometimes I wonder why I liked it so much at one point.

  9. Patti, I will be doing makeup this summer for Les Mis so I am sure by August I will have each of the songs memorized.

    Lily, when I am not in a musical mode, I am listening to contemporary Christian. I will need to check out Lille Diane

    Lin, I've heard some interesting new age music.

  10. Marie, I costumed Sound of Music twice in one year (needed my head examined on that one - all those matching outfits - kids and nuns - LOL). But, it does have some great songs.

    Linda, I can't beleive I forgot songs from Godspell. I directed that one (Jr. version) at the grade school a few years back. That is fun, fun show.