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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Prayer - It is Such a Simple Thing

Prayer is simple, yet evolving and life changing. If you are like me, as I child I associated prayer with meals, bedtime and church. I am pretty sure I didn't pray at any other time in the day. And, a child's prayer is usually so simple, wherein they ask God to bless their mother, father, grandparents, pets, etc. For most children, they do not have burdens or concerns that lay heavy on their heart.

As we mature our prays begin to evolve. Teenagers may find themselves praying at different times of the day. Sometimes it is before a big test, or hoping a certain someone notices them and asks them to a movie or dance. But, they are also mature enough to be concerned with more important issues, such as helping a friend understand faith, or another friend who is making poor decisions in their life and seeking God's guidance in how best to help their friends.

Adulthood arrives and we begin to finally grasp the power of prayer. I know I have found myself praying a different parts of the day, whenever a need arising, or a praise needs to be acknowledged. As adults, we understand how prayer can be life changing, especially when you experience that peace that only comes from being in communication with God.

Yet, while it is life changing and evolving, it is still the simplest and easiest thing we can ever do.

My prayer concerns this week include my mother, who has not been feeling well, my sister-in-laws mother and sister need God's healing touch and my niece will soon have surgery. Please remember them in your prayers.

How can I pray for you this week?


  1. Oh, Amy--how delightful that you should say this. I've been listening to a series on Simple Prayer that I just love! You must be on the same wavelength with this wonderful Bible teacher I listen to, my dear.

    Please pray for my brother, Daniel, who has many health problems, and may need back surgery. He also needs to know the Lord. Thank you so much,
    Audience of ONE

  2. Praise - - - we are completely moved into our new church library and today was the first service in our new church location. Pray that efficient use can be made of the time God gives us each day and that we would reflect HIM in all we say and do. Thank you!

  3. Amy, yes I will remember them. Let us know how they are doing. Prayer, simple, yet complex in it's work. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Jen, I haven't heard of that series. I will need to look into it. I will remember your brother when when I pray

    MissLynda, It must be so wonderful to be a part of this new beginning for your church. You have a wonderful prayer request.

    Karen, thank you for praying

  5. it's simple yet complex...visualizing what you want then developing the faith to bring it about and humbling yourself to ask and believe. It's quite the process. I always pray to feel the Spirit guiding me each day in all I do and giving gratitude for the many blessing I have...

  6. Thank you for offering. I need wisdom as to a timing issue, that when the time is right God will tell me and open the door with a family member. Praying for your family also. :O)

  7. Lin, you are so right. Faith is the most important element.

    Diane, I will pray that you receive the wisdom st to your timing issue.

  8. This is so interesting, how you pinpoint the changes in prayer along one's life journey. I hope that I continue to grow in depth of prayer, continually moving beyond my list of requests to a deep and abiding love-relationship and conversation with Abba Father.

  9. Joining you in prayer today. It is so simple, yet so intimate as well. Nothing brings people together like prayer, and nothing brings us closer to Him. Thank you so much for this blessing today.

  10. I can't begin to count how many times I pray during the day for someone or something. I need prayer today for my mother who lost her sister a few days ago. I'm so inadequate at providing comfort for her but I want her to feel it surround her.

  11. I totally agree with you Amy. My prayer life has evolved throughout the years; and it is the most simplest thing we can do.