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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I really don't watch that much TV. In fact, I don't think I would need all of my fingers to count them off and list them. Most of the time the shows I like are recorded for viewing at a later date (and so I can fast forward through commercials). But the shows I love most are the reality ones. Not Survivor and such, but the ones I think the competitor needs to have a creative talent and see if they excell.

One of my favorites is Top Chef. However, I cannot watch that show without getting hungry. That tends to be a problem (for the waistline). I used to love to cook. In fact, I used to spend hours in the kitchen creating meals. But with each child the meals became more and more basic. Now that they are older, I am inspired to try my hand at the more elaborate dishes.

Another show, which I am excited about but haven't yet seen is Top Chef: Just Desserts. It is recorded and just waiting for me to push the Play button. I think if this show inspires me I will need to spend more time exercising to even out the damage I may do with calories.

Next up is Project Runway. I love seeing what these designers come up with when given the assignment. A lot of the time there are outfits or dresses I just love. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure the clothing wouldn't look half as good on me as it does the models given there is probably a good 7-8 inch difference in height. Ya, I am a bit short. Hmmm, I wonder if they have ever had to design for a petite woman. That could be interesting, as it always is when the designers are thrown out of the comfort zone and need to design for a body style other than the long-legged models they are used to.

Then there is Top Design. This one is not airing right now, but I try to never miss it. I could not do half the things those designers are able to accomplish, but it is fun to see what they come up with for different rooms. And, I often walk away with a few ideas. I beleive my husband may cringe when this show comes on since it often results in me saying "Honey, I think we should. . ."

Another is Cupcake Wars, which I mentioned in my last post so I won't spend any more time on that show.

I am sure their are a couple of others, but I can't think of them at the moment.

Maybe it is because I like to be creative with writing and makeup when in the theater I enjoy watching shows were talented people are put to the test. Do you watch reality TV? If so, what are some of your favorites?


  1. Most of them really have extraordinary talent under enormous stress and strain. I have to say Jeopardy annoys me because the average person does not know half of what they're all talking about... or is it just me....? :O)

  2. well, I don't watch reality shows at all. Used to watch survivor when it first started but then it got rank with partial nudity and swearing so I stopped. There's little on tv worth my time even the news...

  3. I'm with you, Amy. I watch much more reality TV than I do scripted TV, the exceptions being Grey's Anatomy and Glee. And I'm all about the shows like Project Runway and Top Chef, too. (Yes, you'll need to go to the gym more often after watching Top Chef: Just Desserts.) I have to admit to a fascination with shows like Survivor and Big Brother, though. While there is no inherent talent required in order for a competitor to do well on either of these shows, they give a great glimpse into the human psyche. You really learn what makes people tick, what people are willing to do for money or to win, etc. I've taken a lot of inspiration for characters for my writing from these reality shows, because they are real people put into extraordinary situations.

  4. My favorite show is House Hunters on HGTV. I just love it! And I agree, the chef shows make me drool...

  5. I LOVE Top Chef- I can't imagine the pressure they are under. Unfortunately my dear cable company decided that clearly too many people were satisfied with the current line up and therefore changed it compeletly- removing Bravo from me. Ripping it out of my cold dead hands is more like it, but anyway, I have missed my Top Chef tremendously. Cupcake Wars is a good one too! My 7 year old loves to watch all of the cake shows with me- that may be the sweetest part! ;)

  6. I really liked watching The Next FoodNetwork Star. But that's it until American Idol in January. :)

  7. I love American IDol, and the Amazing Race (is it called that?)

  8. I watched some of Project Runway when I visited friends. Kind of fun to watch a couple of episodes, but I can't imagine watching a whole reality series.

  9. We love most to the Food Network competition shows - - - and Bobby Flay's Throwdown. Plus, I like some of the decorating shows on HGTV.

  10. Diane, I have been amazed at some of the info I've had stored in the back of my brain when watching that show. Sometimes I am convinced that I will know nothing because of a topic and find out I do - lol.

    Lin, I couldn't even get into Survivor in the beginning. I felt like such an outcast because everyone I knew was watching and simply had no interest.

    Catherine, Glee is one of the non-reality shows I MUST see. Love it.

    Jill, I like HouseHunters too. I've spent a lot of time watching when I should be doing things like cleaning, writing, laudry.

    Alicia - boo hiss on your cable company. How dare they get rid of one of the best channels there is.

    Jennifer, I totally forgot about Idol (probably because it isn't on at the moment). But that is a must watch for me. I am very curious about how the season is going to go with no Simon and the judges. It could be interesting. But, I will miss Simon.

    Terri, I have never seen the Amazing Race. I will have to check it out next time it is on. I know my sister loves it.

    Shiela, you are stronger than I, or have more refined tastes, I love Project Runway. I will admit, I fast forward through some stuff. I like to hear the challenge, see what they plan and then see what they come up with. The middle part, where they are not alwasy nice to each other, I can do without and have fast forwarded through. Again, my interest is how they do with the challenge they were given.

    MissLynda, HGTV is one of my favorite channels. I've gotten some great ideas from watching the makeovers. In the past, when I have not been motivated to clean my house, I will turn on HGTV on Saturday morning, and they are rearrangeing, throwing stuff out, redoing rooms. It always motivated me to getting moving and keep my house in order - lol.