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Monday, March 15, 2010

Blogging at Lady Scribes today

Ever use paperdolls when costuming your characters? http://ladyscribes.blogspot.com/. Stop by and let me know where you get your costuming ideas from. Thanks.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Robin Lee Hatcher at LadyScribes

I thought I would share that today on the Lady Scribes, our guest is bestselling historical and inspirational novelist Robin Lee Hatcher. The author of more than sixty novels, Robin has won two RT Career Achievement Award (Americana Romance and Inspirational Fiction), the RWA Lifetime Achievement award, The Christy Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction, and two RITA Awards for Best Inspirational Romance. Her latest novel, Fit to be Tied, is a historical inspirational romance set on a ranch in Idaho in 1916.

Please stop by and leave a comment. Thanks! www.ladyscribes.blogspot.com

Friday, March 12, 2010

Love at First Sight? You tell me.

Each month the writers at LadyScribes introduce a topic for critique. This week we are asking for scenes where the Hero and Heroine first "see" each other. Not meet, but "see" or "notice" the other. It can be from either the Hero's POV or the Heroine's. With a 500 word limit it can only be one of them. If you have a scene you want critiqued, head on over to ladyscribes and post it. The rules are in today's blog. It is not a contest, just a way to get some honest and friendly feedback on your writing. The critiques will be posted next week and each entry is anonymous. Hope to see you at http://ladyscribes.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Congrats Maria

Congrats to Maria I Morgan. Her name was drawn by Lucy Balch and has won an autographed copy of her book, Love Trumps Logic. Maria, send me your address at amy.detrempe@gmail.com.

Friday, March 05, 2010

Spotlight on: Lucy Balch

Author of: Love Trumps Logic
Publisher: Second Wind Publishing
ISBN: 9781935171270
(Release Date): February 2010
(Genre): Historical Romance
Available from Second Wind Publishing and Amazon.

When suitors are baffled by Miss Fiona Fairmont's scientific turn of mind her mother tearfully predicts that her daughter will be doomed to spinsterhood—until Lord Henry Featherstone comes along. Nicknamed "the Mad Scientist," Henry appreciates Fiona's mind as well as her face. Fiona thinks she's found the perfect husband in Henry until notorious Lord Albert Beaumont crashes through her neatly laid plans.

AMY: Thank you for joining me. What else would you like to share with us regarding your book?

LUCY: If you enjoy strong, independent-minded heroines, you’ll like Fiona! Beau is the George Clooney of his era, with enough charisma for ten men and an almost pathological avoidance of marriage—until he meets Fiona.

AMY: Were there any surprises that came about while you were writing Love Trumps Logic, or did your story stick with the plan you had set?

LUCY: There were definitely some changes, but most of them were small. For instance, Lady Wolfrey, who initially was a courtesan, became a respectable lady late in the edits—things like that.

AMY: What inspired you to write this book or these particular characters?

LUCY: I love Regency romances and wanted to write one. I also love homeopathy and hoped to write a book that could combine the two loves. I think I can honestly say that I’ve written the only romance novel that has the word ‘homeopathy’ in it.

AMY: Tell the readers about your writing journey and how you ended up with your publisher.

LUCY: I had shelved Love Trumps Logic, my second book, and was working on my third book. My sister called to tell me that she had heard about Second Wind Publishing on National Public Radio. She thought I might want to submit my book one more time (I had gotten only rejections up until that point). I sent in Chapter one, with almost zero expectations, and got the word back that they wanted to see the full manuscript. On St. Patrick’s Day, 2009, I got the word that Second Wind Publishing wanted to publish my book!

AMY: If there is one piece of advice you could give an unagented / unpublished author, what would it be?

LUCY: If you love to write, never give up! And never stop learning the craft of writing.

AMY: Besides Love Trumps Logic, which we highlighted here, have you published other books or are there some that are yet to be released?

LUCY: Love Trumps Logic is my first published novel. I’m hoping to release another book by the end of this year.

AMY: How can we find you on the internet (facebook, twitter, myspace, blog, website addresses)

LUCY: My website is http://www.lucybalch.com. I also blog twice monthly on Wordpress with Second Wind Publishing, and guest blog on Goodreads and Facebook whenever I get a chance to.

AMY: Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

LUCY: You’re not to late to enter my contest. To celebrate the release of Love Trumps Logic, I’m running a contest that will end March 10th. Simply go to this link to enter:

AMY: Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?
LUCY: I’d love to hear feedback, once you’ve read Love Trumps Logic. Feel free to contact me on my website. While you’re there, take one of my quizzes!

AMY: Readers, are there any questions you would like to ask Lucy Balch?

Lucy Balch has been generous enough give away an autographed copy of Love Trumps Logic. I am sorry but this is limited to U.S. residents only, due to the cost of postage. If you would like a chance to win the book, simply comment and leave your e-mail address. A winner will be picked and announced Saturday night. Good luck.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Agent Interview

Stop by ladyscribes.blogspot.com today. Melissa Jeglinski of the Knight Agency is offering query and submission advice.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I'm in the Romance Section. Where are the Inspys?

Like all markets, the Romance genre is difficult to break into. That is doubly so for the Inspirational Romance Market. There are dozens of publishing houses that print romances, but only a handful who publish inspirational. And, it doesn’t stop with the publishing. Once a book is released, it doesn’t automatically appear on the shelves in the romance section, regardless of the publisher. Just take at look at the aisle of books at your local book store. The romance section contains hundreds of selections, anywhere from contemporary to historical; from time travel to vampires; from Jane Austin to chick-lit. Now step over to Religion/Christian Friction section. It is probably the same size, if not smaller than the entire Romance Section. And, the novels are listed by author’s last name so you need to read almost every type of book offered to find the two dozen or so romances among the bunch, unless you are already looking for a particular author.

To me it just doesn’t seem fair. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good romance, secular or inspirational. You will find me in both sections every time I am lucky enough to spend time in a bookstore, so this is not about one over the other. It is about why Inspirational romances are segregated. As they are romances, why can’t they be shelved in the regular romance aisle? It seems as if only Inspirational Romances are separated out from the other romances. Does anyone know the reason why? Paranormal/Sci-Fi Romances are with romances and not Sci-Fi, and Wild West Romances are not put with Westerns. I could continue to list examples but I am sure you get the idea.

So, is there a reason why Inspys are segregated? And, do you agree with the practice of not shelving Inspirational Romances with all of the other romances? It is simply something I have wondered about. Not passing judgment, just curious.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Regencies - Too Much or Too Little

I am over at http://Ladyscribes.blogspot.com today. Please stop by. I would love your opinions on what is too much or too little with regard to explaining the era in a Regency Romance.