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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A New Challenge

In the past I've blogged about community theatre - a lot!  This year alone I have done hair and makeup on some wonderful productions.  The first in 2012 was Big River where I had to figure out how to and then tar and feather an actor in a page and a half of script.  If you haven't done theatre, let me tell you, that is not very much time.  I tried corn syrup and chocolate first, thinking I need it to be sticky so the feathers would stay on.  It just ran.  Adding cornstarch didn't help.  So, next I tried black body paint.  Silly me, it worked.  So, for the run of the show as the actor stripped out of his costume down to his longjohns I had a sponge and painted all the exposed skin I could find, and occasionally an eyeball (he was the one moving, not me).  A few contacts (his, not mine) were destroyed in the process.  And while I was doing this, a young cast member stood by with a bowl of white fathers that I practically threw on the wet paint in time for him to crawl out on the stage. I was never able to see what it looked like from the audience, but I have decided it was awesome :).

I was supposed to take a break until May but while at the Spring Fling in Chicago I received a text message that the production of Chicago needed someone on hair and makeup.  The person they had came down with appencitis and if rumor is correct, found out she was pregnant at the same time.  I walked in five days before opening and got to work. It was fun. I think it is because I didn't have time to worry about anything and just get the job done. My favorite character to makeup was Mary Sunshine.  By the time I was done with him, he was beautiful.  Okay, maybe not beautiful but he has the perfect lips for lipstick.  So unfair I tell you!

The next scheduled show, more of a hair show, was Hello Dolly and after that, I went to work on Hairpray. This was a cast of 109 (that is not a typo).  I had five people working constantly to bring that 1962 look to the stage.  Again, my favorite person to make pretty was Edna.  I am beginning to see a theme.  I did the makeup for a guy in Hello Dolly who went out as the Statue of Liberty in the parade scene. Hmmmm.  The only downside to Hairspray was it was in the Tent = outside in 90-100+ degree weather.  Those poor actors never let it affect them as they danced on the stage every night.  But, thanks to Tosha Maaks (lead on hair) none of those beehives fell :).

But, probably my biggest experience in theater this year is taking place right now.  I am co-directing Twelve Angry Men. I've always loved this show and this is my first foray into directing adults, some of them directors themselves. It is a bit daunting but after rehearsal tonight (our first) I am so excited to see how it all comes together. Okay, I was excited before this, and a little nervous.

Have you ever directed before? Any tips you want to pass on?  If not, what do you think of the show I chose for my debut into adult theatre?

On a side note, if you love the A&E Romance Classics, my friend, Jerrica Knight-Catania is giving away the entire DVD box set.   Check out her blog for a chance to enter.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

The Popular Romance Project

A must read interview at LadyScribes today with Laurie Kahn about her documentary, The Popular Romance Project. If you attended the RWA you should be familiar with the film. If not, then you really should see this blog. Have a great day.


Tuesday, August 07, 2012

So Out of Touch

A few years ago a handful of romance authors and myself formed the LadyScribes.  Since, we usually have a blog post five days a week, each taking our own turn.  As a result, I let my own blog go (hanging head in shame).  I even got away from reading blogs.   Isn't it crazy how you can let one thing go for a few days amd the next thing you know it is shoved so far to the back burner that you can't even see it anymore?  That is what happened with my blog and reading blogs.

Yesterday, I realized how out of touch I was with the blogs I loved to read when Jessica Nelson was a guest on LadyScribes. How did I miss her book being released this past spring and why hadn't I read it yet?  You can read her blog at LadyScribes.

So new vow, to revisit all those blogs I used to love reading.  I know, I know, I vowed that about five or more months ago, but I intend to keep it. I wonder what else I have missed.