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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Loving Lydia Excerpt

Alex followed Lydia into the gazebo, which had a number of lanterns lit in the event guests wandered this far. Stopping in the middle, Alex began to remove his jacket.

“What are you doing?” Lydia asked with some alarm.

“I can’t very well show you my burn with these tight sleeves.”

“Very well,” she answered stiffly and turned her back.

Alex chuckled to himself. It wasn’t as if he was completely disrobing. After the jacket was gone, he rolled up his sleeve. “You may turn around now.”

Lydia focused on his bandaged arm and Alex could tell she was trying hard not to look at his shoulders. Had it been any other type of setting and had he not been in pain, he may have laughed. The blush spreading across her cheeks was enough for him to remain quiet.

Gently and carefully she unwound the bandage. The burn was puffy and blistering and about the size of her hand. “There is no sign of infection, yet. There is a better risk of that happening if the blisters break.”

Very gently her fingers traced the skin surrounding the burn. She caused him no pain during her examination, but something entirely different. A longing developed. He wanted to kiss her, and not for the sake of shocking her. The feeling confused him.

Unable to stop himself, Alex raised his other hand to touch her face, gently brushing her soft cheek with the tips of his fingers.

Surprised, Lydia looked up at him. Alex didn’t give her a chance to speak but brought his lips to hers.

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