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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Loving Lydia Reviews

“This was a wonderful read. I had tears at the end. Alex is a true hero and Lydia is a perfect heroine with strength and convictions that stay true to character. Each of the characters is unique and well thought out and Amy's portrayal of the time period is dead on. The characters and storyline are wrought with just enough suspense and drama to pull the reader along. Thanks for the enjoying read.” Claire Collins author of Fate & Destiny and Images of Betrayal

“Surrounded by characters that are as real as your best friends, Amy transports her reader into the intrigue of Regency England. She leads you through London streets and backrooms that are filled with enough schemes and trickery to leave you gawking. Her storyline is sweet and tender but with enough mayhem to keep you thinking of her work long after turning the last page.” Carol A. Spradling, author of Cost of Freedom

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