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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Powerful Prayful Post 8/15/10

Wow, I've missed little over a week of blogging and it feels like months. Things just got a little crazy this summer. The first error in planning came when I agreed to do make up for three separate shows. Note to self - check calendar and dates. All three were back to back with my trip to Orland for the RWA conference beginning the morning after one closed and the Tech Sunday was the date of my return for the last show. I think I have been exhausted for the past week.

Oh, and my class reunion was last week. I had a wonderful time and can't remember the last time I stayed out so late. When the banquet hall closed for the night most of us went down the road to a local bar. For hours we sat on the back patio talking and catching up. It was a great time. I even ran into my nephew, who was a bit surprised to see me there. He came around later - surprised I was still there. His friends wanted to go but he insisted he could not leave before his aunt (I am sure old was instered there under this breath - lol).

But today, I went through my RWA notes. Wow, there were some really good workshops and I got back to work on my WIPs and critted some chapters. I feel like I am back and ready to go. Now that I am being organized again (and we will see how long that lasts) I am going to try and stay up on the blogging - especially reading the blogs. I feel so out of touch!

And, since this is the most important day of the week, it is time to offer up those prayers and praises. Please, share with me so I can add you to my prayer list.

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  1. I'm exhausted just hearing all you've been doing but it also sounds fun. I went to an all day workshop yesterday on writing for children and got tons of ideas to try. Well, I'm off to church now. Enjoy your day.