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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blogging Interruption

Sometimes there are blog posts that are just too fun to ignore. That is why I am interrupting the regularly scheduled program, er, I mean blog.

When Lydia Dare (the Jodie of Lydia Dare), my critique partner, told me she and Tammy (the other half of Lydia Dare) were going to write a paranormal historical romance I groaned - literally, but not where she could hear me. I did not like paranormal, never had and doubted I ever would. But, she is my critique partner and I love her so I vowed to critique with an open mind.

It turns out, I absolutely adore Jodie and Tammy's witches and wolves. By the way, I still haven't ventured out and read other paranormal historicals but I don't groan at the thought of one anymore.

Anyway, Lydia's five witches are blogging today at http://tinyurl.com/29uxwkg (and why can't I ever get a link to work?). I encourage you to stop by if you want a few laughs. And, if you like historical paranormal romances, these are wonderful books and you have a chance of winning one, or maybe it is the set, I don't remember. I didn't really pay attention since I already have them :).


  1. Oh, you're so sweet Amy! I had no idea you groaned. I'm so glad my wolfish men have grown on you. :)

  2. I probably made an ugly face too, but since we usually connect through cyberspace you didn't see that either - lol.

  3. I love me some sci-fi.... or I guess paranormal is the proper category? :O)

  4. I'll try to type up some instructions for you on how to make the clicky-links on Blogger. Maybe tomorrow, but at least by this weekend.

  5. It helps to have an open mind and try new things...good for you!

  6. Groaning is a transitional emotion.

    I tend to like the paranormal, so I'll have to check this out. Thanks for the tip!

  7. Good for you for stepping out of your box. I had a closed mind myself to paranormal for a while, but I've read a few that really struck me as worthy.

  8. Diane, I guess sci-fi and paranormal are kinda the same catergory. Not really sure.

    Lin, what is wierd, is I watch the paranormal on tv, so not sure why the idea of a book would bother me. Odd.

    Susan DiMickle, I love the series, hope you do too.

    Susan R. - the series is certainly worthy imo