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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Day in the Life of . . .

My brain has moved to research mode. Even though I am currently working on two separate WIPs, I would rather step away and research. The bug hit me this weekend and I haven't written a thing since. If I needed to, I could pick back up on either story without hestitation, but I want to delve into the past of real people, not fictional.

What is calling to me? Versailles. I've had a series rumbling around in my brain for well over a year now and it can no longer be ignored. So, I am off to France via books and the internet to find out how Marie Antoinette spent her day, or anyone else living or visiting Versailles, from the time she married to the day she died. Of course, once she leaves Versailles, so will my research and I will move onto Paris, with a side trip toward Austria before being caught.

I also need to figure out a ligitimate reason why an Englishman would be in Versailles. Any suggestions?

Which historical figure would you like to spend the Day in the Life of? And, do you have any great French Revolution research sites they want to pass on?


  1. Hmmm. I'm afraid I'm of no help this morning. But happy researching, Amy!

  2. Versailles is nice. Well worth a visit, by internet or car and plane.

  3. The gentleman could be visiting relatives or he could be there on business.
    Have fun!
    (I love reading about the underground railroad, Harriet Tubman, etc)

  4. Sounds like interesting research. I've never written a story about anyone out of the country.

  5. So sorry about the sickness. It will wipe a person out and it's easier to give in, rest, and get well than it is to try and continue a normal life.
    I agree with Jessica - - - family or business - - - any reason for medical? Or military?