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Friday, November 19, 2010

Social Networking - Part 4

This is my continuation of looking at Social Networking and the various avenues available to us.

Blogging. This has got to be my most favorite part of Social Networking. I am following so many blogs, and discovering more and more every day, that it is impossible to read them all. This is where I think you really make a connection with others. If you don’t think it is possible, wait until you meet up with them at a conference and see them for the first time, you will realize they are not a stranger. When I was in Orlando this past summer several times I would hear a name, or read it on a badge and think, I know her, well not really, but I read her blog. If I were braver I would have actually introduced myself but I always assume people aren’t going to remember me and how embarrassing would it be for that person to have a blank look on their face and mutter “I am sorry, who are you again?”.

I am trying to get better about this and be more forward. Maybe next year I will be bold.

If you are reading this, I assume you enjoy blogging as well. Though there may be weeks that I don’t visit it at all, there will also be weeks when I am there every day. And, even though I may feel a little guilt of not reading a blog I have been following for a few weeks, I have the comfort of knowing it will still be there (usually) when I have time to return.

Do you enjoy blogging or do you feel it is a necessary evil to keep up with promoting? Do you have a blog schedule of when you post and read, or is it a hit and miss like me?


  1. I generally post weekends only and mine originated for family connections - - - but now I have new friends whom I would like to visit when I am in their part of the USA. Blogging is fun but you have to put time restrictions on it, too. There are many, many, many wonderful blogs out there and I could read and follow them all day - - -

  2. I blog daily but schedule them ahead of them which takes pressure off coming up with something everyday. When ideas hit I blog them then schedule them for later to publish. Works great.

  3. Misslynda, there are a number of people I would like to meet just from reading their blogs.

    Lin, I am beginning to do what you do. When blog ideas hit, I write them and schedule them in somewhere. It is a great way to go about things. I just hope I don't run out of ideas before I run out of scheduled blogs ;)

  4. Hey there! You blog is one I read and wish I had gone to the conference here in Orlando this summer as I would have loved to have met you!

  5. Blogging for an author is almost a necessary evil. I blog at LadyScribes twice a month (with you) and I devote quite a few hours on those posts - trying to produce interesting material. I'm aiming for shake-the-world but I'm pretty sure I'm falling a wee bit flat. LOL

    I had a personal blog first. When things got really busy I dropped the personal blog completely - but I've actually missed it. There I can post what ever I like, character inspiration, youtube video's, odd observations, pictures. Just short snippets from my life as a writer. Those posts are fun. :o)

  6. Hi, I blog daily for musing on my website and once a week on my writer's craft blog. If I have a book out I'll do a blog tour. What makes me sad is the limited time I have to read other blogs and comment. Bloggers are the best folks around. cheers~

  7. I love blogging and it is giving me great writing experience. I do get tired of it at times and take a break when needed. :O)

  8. I try to stick to a schedule, just for my readers and keeps me in touch with all my bloggie friends.

  9. Hi Amy ... Thank you for your thoughtful insights here.

    Why do I blog, you ask?

    To grow in my writing and
    to grow in my faith.
    To get a better grasp on the thoughts ping-ponging in my ol' brain.

    I pray that what I write will touch another soul, God willing.

    Mostly, I write to glorify the Father. It's a wee offering of praise to the One who matters most.

    So glad you do what you do here, Amy. Keep at it!