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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your WIP as a Musical?

I've blogged about Little Women, Man of La Mancha and Suessical. All wonderful musicals. Right now am busy with makeup for South Pacific. This is a 1949 musical, music by Richard Rodgers and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan. The story is taken from James A. Michener’s 1948 novel, Tales of the South Pacific. Do you think Michener was envisioning a musical when he wrote this Pulitzer Prize novel? I’ve read blogs and articles where authors discuss possible movie rights for their novels, but I don’t think I’ve read where they have considered the story being adapted for the stage. So, thinking big, I tried to envision my characters from Loving Lydia breaking into song. I can see my heroine, Lady Lydia Demains, being moved at particular times, but as for my hero, Lord Alexander Wake, not so much. Okay, to be honest - never. As for the other characters, maybe a few have it in them, but not enough to carry a show.

So, I guess this novel won’t make it to Broadway, nor do I think my next release, Pure is the Heart, is a good candidate either. I suppose if I want to see my show in lights I need to develop characters who have a song in their heart.

What about you? Have you ever envisioned your novel on the silver screen, as a stage play or entertaining musical? Try to picture your novel or WIP as a musical. What is your first reaction?


  1. Hi, Amy. I don't see any of my stories as musicals. Mainly because they'd be to busy singing for any lip or hip action. hahahaha And you know me. I GOTTA have that!


  2. Nope, definitely not musical material. Now just a regular ole movie? That would be awesome!

  3. Hi Amy, I always pick out songs that belong to my characters, but I think of it more as background music. Can't imagine them bursting into song as they dodge bullets. :)

  4. LOL I can't even imagine my heroine bursting into song, she's as tough and as dark as the hero. Not unless it were a comedy because it would just be funny to watch lol. Good blog Amy

  5. No musical here either. Hard to do with war, fire and such....

    Great question, though. Mine would have to have hard rock, yappy dogs...:)

  6. Not a play but maybe a movie? I don't think my novels would fit in a stage setting.

  7. I have indeed imagined my book as a movie! And, I'll admit that the money that comes along with signing a movie deal is part of the fantasy. Someday. Someday. :)

  8. It would totally suck as a musical! My WIP leans more toward Steven King than Rogers and Hammerstein. Can you see it? A big dance number with a clown singing, "We all float down here." No, my book may be movie material, but never a musical.

    You do have my wheels turning, though. My oldest grand didn't go out for the HS play because it WAS NOT a musical. (Nana's brag: Last year, she did the lead for Guys and Dolls.) I suppose I will have to someday write something adaptable to music so that she will audition for it. That would be mega-cool.

  9. Its nice to see a day job influencing a writers blog. LOL.

    No, I hadnt invisaged a musical, or any movie at all, but the viewing classification would have to be pretty high for me to be happy about seeing my Jack and Pixie on the big screen. They already have a modern soundtrack for their romance - maybe Sophia Coppola would be interested? Probably not.

  10. No. i'm not thinking much about my memoir would make a great musical at all :) Actually the thought is pretty funny. I would love to get up and play me and have a great booming opera voice as I cry out my pain...yeah, never going to happen. Great post. Nice to meet you and your blog:)

  11. Amy, of all people, you would think that I would have thought of my novels as musicals. But, alas, that has never even occurred to me. Movies, stage plays, maybe, but never a musical.

    However, I'm wondering if it would help me if I DID think of them that way. Musicals typically combine great conflict with a bit of levity, provided by musical numbers. That's just how I like to think of my work.

    Hmmmm...and now I'm singing the incidental music from Beauty & the Beast..."The wheels in my head have been turning, LeFou." LOL!

  12. Whooops. I laughed. :-) My novel definitely wouldn't fit in. Cool thought though!

  13. I imagine mine as a movie all the time. Salma Hayek will play the lead, of course. A musical, definitely not. But then I didn't think The Grinch stole Christmas could be a movie.

  14. Um...no. I can write about my secret life, but on the screen or stage?
    Unless Lucille Ball played me and Cary Grant played my husband, now that'd be fun!

  15. It doesn't sound like anyone is writing a musical, mine wouldn't work either.

    Phyllis, you are right. I've read some of your stuff, I don't think your characters have time to sing :).

    MeganRebekah, I will keep my fingers crossed for that movie. Now you just have to think about who will play the leads. That could be fun.

    Gail, nope, I don't see your characters singing either.

    Melissa, I had to chuckle when I thought about your characters in your current WIP singing. I can't even picture it happening around the campfire and it would be very comical if your hero and heroine did.

    Stephanie, you never know what can fit on a stage. I've been a bit amazed at times.

    Karen, depending on the setting, you could put a musical in a war. Somehow I don't think would be happy songs though.

    Davin, a movie deal (and all the financial benefits) would be wonderful. Dare to dream.

    Lily, yep, you need to write a musical for yoru daughter. Isn't it nice to have new goals. But could you just imagine Steven King novels put into a musical?

    Heather, you never know about Jack and Pixie. I am thinking they may have a song in them, or at least will eventually.

    Tabitha, who says you can't sing your memoire. Could be a huge hit.

    Jerrica, I am so disappointed. I thought at least you, of all people, would have your characters dancing and singing. *sigh*

    Jessica, glad I could at least make you laugh.

    jdcoughlin, Selma Hayek is always an excellent choice. Hmmm, I wonder how she would have done paired with Cary Grant, Jeanette's hero. Now that would be an interesting combination.

    Jeanette, visions of Lucy and Cary, gotta love it :)

  16. Never at all. Himm wonder why? I like to think movies I guess!

  17. Okay, I got a big kick out of that. My blood and thunder adventure stories as musicals... now there's a shocking thought! :p I didn't know Little Women had been made into a musical; I'll have to see if I can find some information about it.