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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Took the Challenge

Karen over at http://karenevans.blogspot.com/ has challenged her readers to use these five words in a post: zone, ring, dusty, pineapple, and elephant. I thought I would give it a try.

My house is dusty, which I am well aware and know I should rectify. But, who has time to clean with there is writing to be done, blogs to read, blogs to write, facebook to visit, etc. And it is really hard to think about any mess when I am focused and in the writing zone. You know, that place where minutes translate to hours of writing bliss and the words just flow out of you like the water out of a faucet. When that happens to me, I could have an elephant in my living room and wouldn’t even notice. But don’t tell my kids. Who knows what they would try to get away with, and probably succeed. So, in preparation for such a writing event, I take off my ring so I can lather my hands with lotion and then I slice up the last of the pineapple to nibble on while I work.

What do you nibble on when you write, if anything? Are there certain foods or drink that you always have with you?


  1. I'm laughing that you lather your hands with lotion BEFORE you cut up the pineapple. Why?

    Oh, and I couldn't confess to what I eat during writing time. People would be scared!

  2. Love the use of your 5 words. Thanks for entering my chocolate giveaway. Good luck.

    Hmm...what do I eat when I write? Right now I'm popping Hot Tamales candy. haha Usually I sip hot tea when I'm at the keyboard.

  3. Great job, very precise! If I did nibble, I wouldn't stop..... :O)

  4. Great job! I love how you used the 5 words!

    Hmmm, since I usually write my blog post in the morning, I would say I drink my morning coffee while I write, and many days it gets cold while I ignore it :)

    Thanks for taking the time to stop and visit my blog, I hope you come back and visit often, and I am so happy to have found yours, it is just awesome!


  5. fortunately I don't eat pineapple or watch elephants mess up my writing zone. my ring stays on and it's always dusty when I'm being productive. I forget to eat and thus loose weight as the words spill out. LOL!

  6. Amy, I smiled the whole way through! How clever and fun to read! Ummm, I nibble on Hersey kisses, or whatever. I tried apple the other day, you know health and all that good stuff, I felt okay, but didn't get the kick of chocolate. Hey, apples dipped in chocolate would work, right? snicker.... Glad you participated. Blessings

  7. Hmm. I eat whatever is around, which is really not good. It's why I need to join a gym. :D Awesome job on using the words so creatively!

  8. I drink water or plain Seltzer - - because I like bubbles but not calories or articial sweeteners. However, I will balance the non-caloric drinks with a sweet treat!

  9. Fun post, Amy! I eat chocolate and sometimes my lunch while writing.

    BTW, my posting problems with this type of comment format are a thing of the past. YAY!

    Susan :)

  10. I love having my Diet Pepsi and my Dove Dark Chocolat nearby. ;-)

  11. Amy, thanks for visiting my Dazzlin' Days site.

    I have a green, squat, treat crock jar on my desk filled with Smarties. And little Skittle packets in a Depression-type dish on my iPod speaker. Those are my current favorites.