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Sunday, October 10, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the new Sunday School year and the comment I received when I told them were were going to begin with Genesis 1. A student wanted to know if they were gonig to learn about that again. As this entire quarter is completely from Genesis I had a feeling it was going to be a tough quarter and drew on plays as teaching tools.

However, such may not be the case. Today was about being called by God, when He called us and how He rescues us. So, I quoted from the lesson plan to move into the story: "That is what He does for Abram in our Bible study today."

Immediately a child spoke up, "Don't you mean Abraham?"

"No, I mean Abram."

"Who is Abram?"

At that point I put the lesson plan down and asked "You don't remember Abram?" A few of them knew they had heard the name before but couldn't recall the details. Of course, it wasn't long before I confirmed that Abraham was once known as Abram. And, they wanted to know why.

Ah ha, something they forgot. I told them they would learn the when and the why in about three lessons. They don't want to wait. I told them we needed to learn about Abram first. There were a few grumbles and groans so I gave them another option, they could read ahead in their Bible.

I am not thrilled that the students forgot a past lesson but I am glad that I will be sharing something that may actually be new to some of them. Knowing how these lessons cycle, chances are they last learned the lesson back in third grade so I can understand how it was fogotten, or buried with other lessons learned.

I also know the students are not alone in forgetting something that may have been taught before. I've read the Bible and have been in Bible studies, and I am still learning. There are several times I read a passage, story or lesson I know I must have read before but all of a sudden it has meaning when it did not before. The Bible is probably the only book that no matter how old, or how often read, it continues to teach.

Are you still discovering new things in the Bible?

As for prayer, I would like you to continue praying for my family members suffering illness and difficulties. One of my students also asked me to pray for her grandmother today, which I am also passing on to you.

How can I pray for you?


  1. It surprises me sometimes how a story I have heard before from the Bible will seem new to me--but that can be good because I learn all over again.

  2. Am thoroughly enjoying studying Genesis from the original Hebrew. So enlightening. Trust your students will appreciate all yur hard work.