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Friday, December 11, 2009

Spotlight on: Jerrica Knight-Catania

Author of: A Gentleman Never Tells
Publisher: Second Wind
ISBN: 9781935171409
Release Date: Nov. 20, 2009
Genre: Regency Romance
Available from Second Wind Publishing and Amazon

Benjamin Wetherby, Earl of Glastonbury and heir to the Marquessate of Eastleigh, has just received an urgent letter from home. His father is dying and he must return to England at once. Benjamin is a man bound by honor and duty, to both his country and his family. So, despite his reservations, he leaves his life in New York City behind so he may find a wife and assume his role as the Marquess of Eastleigh.

Miss Phoebe Blake is finally out of mourning for her father, and just in time. She and her mother could be days away from being carted off to debtors' prison, so Phoebe returns to society with the intent and determination to secure a rich husband.

Sparks fly when Benjamin and Phoebe meet, and it appears they have both found just what they are looking for. But will a dark secret keep them from finding their happily ever after?

AMY: Thank you for joining me, Jerrica. Were there any surprises that came about while you were writing A Gentleman Never Tells, or did you story stick with the plan you had set?

JERRICA: The most surprising thing was how this book actually came about. I had spent about 2 years (off and on) working on it, entered it in contests, submitted it with no luck, etc…so I knew it had flaws and every revision seemed to create different flaws. I won 3rd place in Second Wind’s short story romance contest this past January, which led to them asking me for a full. Now, I could have given them one of my other 3 books, but I cared about these characters too much, plus they were the first in the series. So what did I do? I told Second Wind to give me a few weeks and I started over from scratch. Same characters, totally different story.

AMY: What inspired you to write this book or these particular characters in the first place, before you gave them a new story?

JERRICA: I was first inspired to start writing after I left my career as a professional musical theater actress and started reading Regency Romance. Julia Quinn was the first one I read, and I fell in love with the genre. I read a quote by Nora Roberts on Julia’s website one night: “I can fix a bad page, but I can’t do anything with a blank page.” Hm…maybe I should try my hand at this, I thought. And that began my love affair with romance writing, and the love affair between Phoebe and Benjamin!

AMY: Tell us about your writing journey and how you ended up with your publisher.

JERRICA: Like many of the Second Wind authors, I was also a part of Gather.com’s First Chapters Romance contest where I “met”, or at least read stories from, many of those who would become influential parts of that publishing house. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, Amy, that it was your prodding sometime later, that got me to enter their romance anthology contest, in which I took 3rd place. From there, I was asked to submit a full manuscript, it was accepted, and voila! I’m a published author now!

AMY: If there is one piece of advice you could give an unagented / unpublished author, what would it be?

JERRICA: Keep writing! And don’t let excuses get in your way. Janet Evanovich says she doesn’t believe in writer’s block, and I have to agree. I know that when I say I have “writer’s block”, I really mean: “I’m allowing myself to be distracted by everything around me.”
And realize that this is a business. If you think it’s all about talent and sheer love for writing, well, you might be in for a rude awakening. Rejection is par for the course, but it doesn’t mean you’re not a good writer; it just means you haven’t found the right agent/editor yet. Persistence is a must! Self-belief is a must! Understanding that self-promotion is also part of the business will make your life much easier when you finally get that contract…especially if you’re looking to make money!

AMY: Besides A Gentleman Never Tells, which we highlighted here, have you published other books or are there some that are yet to be released?

JERRICA: Second Wind has accepted book two in the series, so hopefully we’ll be moving forward soon on that project. Otherwise, I have gotten into the confessions market and have my first short story coming out in the January issue of True Love Magazine (there are no bylines, but my story is called Vegas Vacation.)

I would also love to plug my Christmas short story, Christmas Warms the Harts. It involves secondary characters from A Gentleman Never Tells, and 50% of the net sales from the story will go to the Wish Upon a Hero Foundation. It can be purchased directly from the front page of my website, www.jerricasplace.com

AMY: How can we find you on the internet (facebook, twitter, myspace, blog, website addresses)
You can friend and/or fan me on Facebook: Jerrica Knight-Catania
Twitter: princessjewel78
Website: www.jerricasplace.com
Blog: http://romancingthebook.wordpress.com

AMY: Is there anything else you would like to share with the readers?

JERRICA: Yes! I’m about to have my first baby! In addition to welcoming A Gentleman Never Tells into the publishing world, we’ll be welcoming Baby Bella into the actual world!

AMY: Congrats on both new arrivals! Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

JERRICA: As I enter the self-promotion part of my life as a writer, I would love to know what makes you, as a reader, buy a book? I do a lot of promo through Facebook and Twitter, but I’d love to know what kind of posts in those forums would make you click through and actually buy the book.

AMY: Great question. I would like to know that too. Readers, are there any questions you would like to ask Jerrica.

Jerrica has been generous enough give away an autographed copy of A Gentleman Never Tells. I am sorry but this is limited to U.S. residents only, due to the cost of postage. If you would like a chance to win the book, simply comment and leave your e-mail address. A winner will be picked and announced Saturday night. Good luck.


  1. Wow! Two of my favorite authors together on the same blog. Congratulations on the sale of your second book, Jerrica.

  2. interesting advice, persistence is certainly important...

  3. Jerrica, congratulations on the book! Another one to add to the pile!

  4. How wonderful for Jerrica! A new baby and a new book!
    Congrats to both!

  5. Congratulations Jerrica! On both the new book and the baby! What makes me buy a book? Hmm the cover has a lot to do with it but that one liner summary of the plot has a lot to do with it too. I love the catchy lines. I don't buy alot of books online though so I don't know what would make me buy one off twitter or facebook. Hope that helps some. BTW your cover is gorgeous!

  6. Hi All! Just wanted to pop in and thank Amy again for having me here today! And to all who have commented so far, thank you!

    Melissa, I'll keep that in mind...maybe my posts should include some kind of catchy one-liner! I'm going to think on it :)

  7. Hi Amy and Jerrica. How exciting, to have your first novel being released at the same time as your baby should be coming along! Congratulations on both counts.

    And what a good idea, to take characters you loved, but a story that didn't work for them and completely rewrite it. That may be something that I'll have to do myself. We'll see.

  8. to answer the question as to what makes a person buy a book, As a non-writer, but reader, the description on the back of the book has to be compelling enough to make me open the book. Either something I can personally relate to or just be intriqued enough to want to know the rest of the story.

    Hope that helps!


  9. Great sounding book. Thanks!

  10. Jerrica, it was sure nice to read about your writing / publishing journey with Second Wind. They sound like a wonderful publisher to be with!


  11. Thank you, Catherine! It's certainly a very exciting time!

    Thanks, Deb, for your feedback.

    Thanks, Marissa!

    Phyllis, Second Wind really is a great place to be...I've loved every minute of my experience with them! Thanks for stopping by!

  12. Jerrica, Congrats on the arrivals of both babies, but I must say Baby Bella, a new little one, warms my heart. I would love to read your book, too. When I grab a book, it must be a subject I am interested in, along with a good cover, title and teaser. Congrats!

  13. Thank you, Karen! She warms my heart, too! I can't wait to meet her!

  14. Jerrica,

    Congratulations on the second sell and the new baby. I buy books based on the feelings they ignite in me when I read the back cover.

  15. Thanks, Julie! And thanks for the feedback :)

  16. A great interview and congrats on you personal and writing life!