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Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Brain is Full

It is now Friday night. The RWA conference began with a luncheon on Thursday. Since, I have been attending workshops and meeting new people. Last night I sat in the lounge until midnight chatting with my critique partners and other writers.

Today, when the workshops were complete I went to dinner with the ladies and two of their husband's and shopped along the Boardwalk while a few of my critique partners were at publisher parties.

I've been able to spend time with old friends, who I see about once a year, meet now friends and put faces with names. In fact, today I found myself in a workshop with Keli Gwyn, whose blog I follow.

Though friends decided to unwind in the lounge, I was too exhausted. In short, my brain is full and I have got to figure out how to cram more in it tomorrow. And, if you are here, is your brain full too?

If any readers out there are at the conference, let me know and I will keep an eye out for you.


  1. I am really happy you are having a great time. Conferences in our individual fields are generally refreshing both intellectually and socially. They give us renewed energy for our "work"/ministry.

  2. I have a conference in Sept-looking forward to some new ideas to stuff in my brain...lol!

  3. That's how I felt when I left ACFW last fall. But then, our of fairness, just how much did I think I could cram into one little itsy bitsy teeny tiny space. hehehe

  4. Sounds like fun. Nothing like a mob of fellow writing enthusiasts to get one's creativity pumping!