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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Powerful Prayful Post 7/18/10

I hope everyone had a blessed week full of joys. For the most part, I did. On Friday I did turn my son over to the Youth Leader who is taking the kids, along with supervising adults, to the LCMS Youth Gathering in New Orleans. I know he will be okay, have fun and hopefully become even closer to the Lord. However, the mom in me is not at all comfortable with my "baby" being so far away. God give me strength, eliminate the anxiety and keep them all safe until they return home.

I hope you will pray for all the men, women and teenagers who have decended on New Orleans this week. I think there is going to be between 25 - 30,000.

How can I pray for you?


  1. Amy, I know how you feel. Will pray for safety, fun and conviction for things of the Lord. Oh, and mom! :)

  2. Aw, always so hard to let the kids go away. I remember...

  3. BTW, be proud of me, Amy, just finished my first ever historical romance. Since I usually write suspense, this was a real challenge. (not to let suspense creep in too much)

  4. It is so difficult letting them go and grow even when we know God just made us stewards of them for a little while. If HE didn't give us such love for them, it might make it easier!!!
    - - - and my request - - - I have a LOT to accomplish at work. I am praying for a "non-hectic" week with minimal distractions while letting HIM shine through me and our library staff.

  5. I feel that way everytime I send my son to something where I can't watch him 24/7. And he's only seven. Praying for a safe and fun time for your son.

  6. Thanks, Karen

    Linda, congrats on the romance. Hey, suspense in a romance is good too.

    Misslynda, I will keep you in my prayers and hope the week goes as you hope.

    Thanks, Tara