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Friday, July 16, 2010

Road Trip, Part 4

Ah, the end of a perfect day. I thought we visited one other chateau but I have no pictures. So, either the battery died in my camera or I am confusing it with the first trip. I could swear I had visited Cheverny. But, since I have no pictures and, at the best, vague memories, I will skip it and we will return to Paris.

This dinner is one I will always remember. Not only was the food fantastic (as it always is in France) but the owners were a riot. And, they did something very special, which I will get too.

The restaurant was Le Garibaldi. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone in Paris. It is quant and French homestyled cooking. I wish I could remember the address. It was a smaller place and our group took up all the tables and chairs. The owners were funny and made us feel very welcome. They also told us their names were George Clooney and Sharon Stone. Surely they would not lie about their names, would they?

But what made this dinner so special is that our tour guide called ahead and following dinner, they placed a birthday cake in front of my daughter, Andrea, who was celebrating her 18th birthday. This was a complete surprise to her, as it was to all of us. When the lights went out we had no idea what was happening but then "Sharon" emerged from the kitchen with a cake lit with candles. It was the perfect end to our road trip.

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