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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Do you ever have too many balls in the air and not sure which one to catch and work on? I think that is where I am right now. My mind is split in several directions and I have only myself to blame. At the moment I am: Beta Reading a wonderful manuscript for one of my critique partners; Want to work on the two WIP's that I am at least 1/3 of the way through on both; and thinking about two separate theater projects.


Oh, and I also need to get my edits back to my publisher so Pure is the Heart can be released in March, and think about the many ways I can market it. This is what I am most excited about and can't believe I didn't mention it first. And, I am not complaining. Everything listed is something I love to do. I just find I lack time. Really, how important is sleep?

Well, I am sure it will all work out they way it should. As long as I keep making room for prayer and worship all should be good, right?

What do you do when you find you have booked yourself for more hours than there are in the day?

And as this is Powerful Prayful Sunday, how can I pray for you this week. Prayer is something I am never too busy for.

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  1. That's me... always too many balls in the air. But at least I can never say there's nothing to do. Prayer keeps me balanced. Without Him in my daily life, I could not thrive.