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Thursday, January 06, 2011

One Word - Great Idea

I am sure most of you have come across at least one blog talking about OneWord 2011 - where you pick that one word that you are going to live by and learn from that year. Sadly, at the time I am writing this, a word has not been given to me. I don't believe it is something I need to think of and decide for myself. I believe it is a word that will be given to me by my maker and it will be the word He wants me to live by, work on and focus on for Him. I just need to have patience, pray and listen and I am sure it will be delivered to me shortly.

To learn more about this wonderful idea and concept you can visit these blogs, which are just a few, but they are the ones I came across within the last half hour.

Alece at Grit and Glory will be focusing on LOOK this year. And, if you want to find out what other words have been adopted, there are over 150 sites listed on this blog alone, of all the people participating. I think I am going to have to go and check them out. It is nice to share a common goal with someone, even if goes by a different name.

I did check out two blogs and in fact, Life's a Journey is the one that got me started on this quest this evening. Alicia's word of the year is STORY. Bina, at Bina's Pad will be living by the word BELIEVE.

What about you? Have you read the blogs and read the different words people are adopting for 2011? Do you have a word?


  1. I need to head over and get my one word. Looks like a great idea! :O)

  2. I actually have two related words-CONNECT and VOICE. It's like a mission to me in my writing, teaching and other activities. Last year it was ACT no REACT-guess that more than one word but ACT would work as one word. Great idea!

  3. I've read a lot of blogs where the word is SURRENDER. I like this, but I'm like you, God hasn't given me my word yet. I'll know when he does, I think.

  4. I think my word for 2010 was surrender, but it's going to be something different for 2011. I like the idea, though! I'm still praying about my word for 2011.

  5. I am praying for you, Amy as you wait on Him to guide you to the word that He has for you. Praying for clarity of mind as you listen.
    Thanks for the support!

  6. My word for 2011 is persevere. Thanks for reminding me... I needed that.

  7. Hi Amy,
    I thought God would lead me to an awe-inspiring word because I was diagnosed with MS last year and I have never been more in need of prayer, faith,hope,and belief in my life:) But he knows all of us and he led me to "happy" Simple as that. If I put my faith in Him and let him guide me down the path, I should have no fear and should be happy with all that he has blessed me with. So, happy I will be in 2011:)

  8. Cool! I read something along the same lines at Katie Ganshert's blog. She adopted a theme for the year. Right then and there I knew what mine would be.

    Peace. I feel very peaceful right now.

    Have a wonderful 2011!

  9. It's an intriguing idea, but I'm not sure I could set a word for the year in advance. I can tell you what word I would assign to last year in hindsight. I see someone else commented about the word SURRENDER. Learning to surrender my writing to God was probably my biggest spiritual epiphany last year. I'm trying to make sure I don't take it back again this year, but I'm excited to see what new thing I learn this year. I hope you are given the right word!

  10. Hi! Great site you have here! I am really enjoying bouncing around the one word community and seeing such new and colorful places to visit!

    My word: forward

  11. have you heard Him whispering a word to your heart yet, amy?