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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ruby Red Slippers

On Friday, the weekend didn't start off so great. I got ready to leave work and could not find my car keys. I emptied out the purse, check the coat pockets and looked underneath the desk. Finally, I decided to check my car. Yep, there they were. sitting on the front seat of my locked car. My poor husband had to leave work, run home for the spare set and bring them to me. He is such a sweetheart.

All I wanted to do was get home. I had a weekend planned of writing, editing and blogging but I was stuck cooling my heels. If I only had Dorothy's ruby red slippers I could just click them three times and be where I wanted to be. By the way, I am working on the Wizard of Oz right now which is probably why I thought of those shoes.

Then I had a thought, what if the ruby red slippers could take you anywhere you wanted to go, not just home. Given we were lucky to get to 6 degrees today, I would be clicking those babies until I was delivered to a warm tropical beach somewhere.

What about you? Lets pretend you can use the ruby red slippers for one day to take you anywhere you want to go, where would it be?


  1. I would love to go to heaven briefly to visit departed family members and find out what they do to fill their days and nights...lol!

  2. So sorry about your keys! What a great hus you have.

    I'd click and go to CA for my brother's memorial, so we don't have to take 3 flights each way. Sigh.

  3. Australia please! One day would not be enough. :O)

  4. Lin, I never thought about heaven. It would be nice to see loved ones and get a glimpse of what is to come.

    Jeanette, so sorry you have to take so many flights to get to CA and double sorry that it is for your brother's memorial. When you have to take a trip like that, you don't need anymore stressers.

    Diane, Australia is where my husband would go and he would probably put on the ruby red slippers if there was a possibility - lol.

  5. I would show up in Seattle at my daughter's:)

  6. Great idea, Terri. My daughter will be moving to Oregon in the fall. It is so far away from Illinois. Your daughter is even a lot further from you.

  7. I would let my slippers take me to the beach. No beach in particular by near water because I always feel at peace near water. I do not know why but I just can't get that same feeling at home.

  8. I'd drop in on England and say Hi to my Mum... missing her.