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Sunday, January 02, 2011


My blog today is inspired by a question asked during Worship a few weeks ago. As I have mentioned in the past, my characters tend to be inspired and I frantically take notes that need to go into my current WIP, instead of focusing on the Word of God. But, the question that day made me think of something I experienced and my characters were no where to be found.

The question: What was the single most peaceful moment in your life? I knew the answer immediately.

The pastor then went to talk about the peace that comes after the storm. It can be any storm in our life. Whether it is a storm outside that frightens you, and some people have dealt with horrible ones from blizzards, hurricans, tornadoes and such. And sometimes, fierce winds, thunder and heavy rain can be scary enough. Then there are the storms in our life. Whether it be a financial crisis, health crisis, loss of someone, or anything that twists our emotions and nerves. Whatever our storm, when it passes we experience peace.

As I said early, I mentally answered before the pastor continued. You see, the single most peacefully moment in my life came in the middle of a crisis, or a storm so to speak. The circumstances were that my daughter had been struck by a car while visiting a friend. From the moment I was preparing to leave the house and while my husband and I drove to the hospital I was constantly praying. There was no eloquence to my prayers and certainly a large vocabulary wasn't needed. It went something like this "Oh, please, God, please let her be all right." That was pretty much it, over and over and over. At that point we did not know her condition, just that we needed to be there.

However, my peace came before I arrived at the hospital, as we came around the curve on the interstate just before our exit. I don't know if there are words to explain the sudden calm peace. It was if I was cloaked in peace. One moment I was praying frantically, panicked, and my heart pounded. The next moment I experience such complete and utter calm. Complete peace like I have never experienced in my life before or since. I knew that no matter what we discovered at the hospital, it would be okay. God was in charge and he would take care of all of our needs. And even as I looked down at her in the trauma room with IVs and monitors, the undescrible peace remained with me.

She was released from the hospital five days later to recover from her injuries and she is doing well today, with the exception of some aches and pains that revisit on occassion, especially damp weather like this.

That accident was several years ago and though I don't wish for a repeat in the circumstances, I would love to experience that incredible peace once again. It held me closed the entire time I stayed with my daughter in the hospital.

What was the single most peaceful moment in your life?

How can I pray for you this week?

May this new year bring you a Peace.


  1. beautiful story...that peace comes as we seek it. I've felt it in my lifetime too as I've struggled with decisions and sought comfort. What a gift.

  2. Hi, Amy~

    I experienced that kind of peace shortly after my great friend killed herself. I, too, prayed to God constantly; from the very bottom of my heart I asked for a sign that she was okay. Then I saw a cardinal and the blanket of warmth, comfort and peace cloaked the very depths of my heart and soul. I knew she was okay.

  3. LK, how wonderful to have received God's assurance.

  4. Wow, what a wonderful blessing for you. I'm so glad your daughter pulled through! God is faithful to give His peace when we need it.

    I think the time I felt the most peaceful was after the passing of my grandma. I was distraught, but the Lord overcame my despair with His love.


  5. I don't remember the most peaceful time - - but have experienced them at different times - - - like when you know you heard HIM correctly and are doing what he wants - - - even in little things like the order of the errands in town that day - - because you end up with God-ordained encounters with people.
    Prayer for inflamed ring finger on right hand. It is a trigger finger that is very aggravated. I am going for physical therapy on it but am trying to avoid a cortisone injection (because they aren't a cure - - if they were, the first one would have been enough) and surgery. THANKS!

  6. HI Amy, Thanks so much for coming to my blog. I am enjoying yours... I have a 'story' for you to write!!!! My hubby and I are retired (both age 68 now) ---and only met about 10 yrs. ago. We feel as if God put us together --and we both (at age 59) found the true 'love of our life' in each other. We were married in 2001 --and these past 9.5 years have been the best of both of our lives. I feel so blessed.

    About feeling peace, I remember back in 1991 when I last visited my sweet mother --before she died. She was 91 years old and had lived a great life. She had been such an energetic lady all of her life --and I could see that her body was wearing out. We had a wonderful visit---but I remember crying when I left her. I got in the car and started driving back to Texas where I lived at the time. I cried for awhile --and then felt a peace like I had never felt before. I prayed that if it be God's will, that I wanted God to take her to heaven. I knew that my mother would not have chosen to live out her life like she was then... I felt God's peace within --telling me that she would be okay soon. She did die that year --and I know that she is in a better place.

    I wish for you PEACE and HAPPINESS and good HEALTH in 2011.

  7. I am thankful your daughter was okay and that God was there for you in that moment.

  8. For me, it's the peace I feel in God's presence--alone--having my quiet time. Those times are what keeps me going when life just hurts, my friends are stuggling or I'm in the middle of my daily grind. I find I can pull from that peace when the devil fights and oh does he flee!

    From ev'ry stormy wind that blows,
    From ev'ry swelling tide of woes,
    There is a calm, a sure retreat:
    'Tis found beneath the mercy seat.
    ~Hugh Stowell

  9. I have never thought about when my greatest peace came but I think you might be right. I pray more during times of need and when God answers it gives me more peace than any other time.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's hard to not worry when storms come and it seems our boats will sink. Many times Jesus says to me, "Peace, be still." I'm so glad your daughter was okay and that God gave you peace even in the midst of a scary situation.