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Friday, February 26, 2010

Spotlight on: Norm Brown

Author of: Carpet Ride
Publisher: Second Wind Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-935171-08-9
Release Date: August 2008
Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Available from Second Wind Publishing and Amazon

Near the end of their honeymoon trip across Oregon, Sam Stanley, his new wife Lynn, and her one-year-old son Andy, traverse a steep mountain road in a rented RV. In the middle of a blind curve they run over a long roll of carpeting angled across the road. Sam barely manages to avoid crashing down the mountainside. When he walks back up the road to move the obstacle—it’s gone.

Upon returning home to Austin, Sam learns that the crushed body of a business executive from Boulder, Colorado has been found at the site of their reported accident. The Oregon police suspect Sam in the obvious hit and run death; there is no roll of carpet. When deadly “accidents” continue in Texas, Sam realizes they were all supposed to die on that mountain.

AMY: Thank you for joining me. What else would you like to share with us regarding your book?

NORM: At the beginning of the story, newly-wed Sam feels almost literally on top of the world. When knocked down and targeted by an unknown enemy, he discovers courage and strength he never knew he possessed. Carpet Ride is the story of Sam’s evolution from vulnerable victim to desperate defender of his little family.

AMY: Were there any surprises that came about while you were writing Carpet Ride, or did your story stick with the plan you had set?

NORM: When I first started writing Carpet Ride, I intended to have a single point of view character, Sam Stanley. As the story developed, I discovered that Sam needed help. He couldn’t be in Austin and Boulder at the same time. So I brought in his best friend, John Canton, as a rather reckless volunteer to help solve the murder of the Colorado man. I was surprised how John naturally took over a large part of the story-telling. I think the two intertwined plots came together nicely at the end.

AMY: What inspired you to write this book or these particular characters?

NORM: The opening scene occurred to me when my son and I were traveling on vacation in a rented RV through the Coastal Wilderness of Oregon. While negotiating a frighteningly narrow curve on a high, lonely mountain road, I couldn’t help but imagine what would happen if something blocked the way. Like most novels, it started with that simple question: What if?

AMY: Tell the readers about your writing journey and how you ended up with your publisher.

NORM: Like most everyone else, I collected quite a pile of form rejection letters from agents and publishers. I also entered portions of my unpublished manuscript in several contests. It was very encouraging to become a finalist in two of them. The contest judges provided some good feedback that you don’t get from form letters. In another online contest put on by Gather, I met the gentleman who was just beginning to form a new publishing company, Second Wind Publishing. Carpet Ride became one of their first publications.

AMY: If there is one piece of advice you could give an unagented / unpublished author, what would it be?

NORM: If you believe in your book, refuse to become discouraged. You never know what can happen.

AMY: Besides Carpet Ride, which we highlighted here, have you published other books or are there some that are yet to be released?

NORM: I am currently working on a new novel, tentatively titled, Finders Weepers. It’s not a sequel to Carpet Ride, but does feature a couple of important characters from the first book.

AMY: How can we find you on the internet?

NORM: Readers can contact me through my website: www.normbrownauthor.com
I’m also on Facebook as Norm Brown.

AMY: Is there anything you would like to ask the readers?

NORM: The nicest compliment I’ve heard concerning Carpet Ride was from several people who said that they really “connected” with the main characters. What makes you, as a reader, really care about what happens to a fictional person in a novel?

AMY: Readers, are there any questions you would like to ask Norm?

Norm Brown has been generous enough give away an autographed copy of Carpet Ride. I am sorry but this is limited to U.S. residents only, due to the cost of postage. If you would like a chance to win the book, simply comment and leave your e-mail address. A winner will be picked and announced Saturday night. Good luck.


  1. This was a very interesting interview - - - especially how the book began. The book sounds very good, too. Thanks for the info, Amy.

  2. I love the title! Those crazy what if questions... a writer's best friend!

  3. The title reminds me of "Magic Carpet Ride," spawned by a very different sort of trip!

    Thank you for a great post!
    Interesting book!


  4. Great interview, Norm. Your premise is so intriguing!

    Sherrie Hansen

  5. Wow! That sounds like a great, twisty-turny story. What a fun interview. Good luck with the book, Norm!

    Lydia Dare

  6. Great interview, Lydia and Norm! It's fun to learn about other 2W authors!

  7. This book sounds very exciting! As for your question, Norm, I usually connect with characters that try to do the right thing, no matter how crazy things are around them. Also, if a character has been wronged, I want to see him/her through to vindication.
    I'll be sure to pick this one up :)

  8. Patti, the working title of my book was originally "Magic Carpet Ride." My adult son pointed out that people would be expecting a fantasy novel. There was another song a few years ago that contained the line, "I am not your carpet ride. I am the sky." Can't remember the singer or title at the moment.
    EKMac, your description of a character to connect with is pretty close to my own. I love a character who keeps trying even when he/she has no idea how to win.

  9. Great interview, Amy and Norm! Count me in for the book drawing. I definitely want to read it.