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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Conference Time is Approaching

In addition to blogging about Paris in July, my goal was to post a blog each day in July. Well, I missed yesterday. What I have learned from this experience is that it is very hard to blog every day of the week. And, had I not had Paris, I would have run out of topics by the second week. I don't know how other bloggers manage to post so much. Where do they get the ideas? So, once July has ended, I will be blogging much less. It is yet to be determined if it will be once a week or three times a week. We shall see.

On Tuesday, I leave for Orlando and couldn't be more excited. I will be attending the 30th Romance Writers of America's National Conference. This will be my third year. We were originally supposed to be in Nashville. The entire family was going to go because my inlaws live just outside of Nashville. Well, as you know, the city was struck with horrendous flooding this spring and the hotel we were to stay in received a good deal of water. And, knowing they would not be able to be up and running by the end of July, the conference site was moved.

We will now be staying at the Swan and Dove in Orlandon on the Disney properties. I will be arriving a day early, like I always do, so I am not rushed. And, on my only free day I will be spending it with some of my critique partners in Epcot. Unfortunately, the family could not join us. First, my husband has a new job, thus no vacation time and second, swinging the plane tickets and additional hotel rooms were not in the budget. We are saving for another trip and we would have been able to drive to Nashville. I do feel kind of guilty about being at Disney without the family. On the otherhand, after my one free day, I probably won't leave the conference center and they would have been ejoying the parks without me.

Today, I am going to go through a pre-pack. I do this everytime I travel. I need to make sure I have the right clothing for the right event and comfortable shoes. I think the comfortable shoes are the highest on my list of priorities. Not only will there be a day of walking at Epcot, but also days of walking at the conference. This can cover a very larger area and the last thing I want is to be hobbling because my feet are killing me.

Once I get my clothing situation decided upon I check on everything else I need from toilettries to workshop printouts to business cards an promo items for Loving Lydia. However, the workshop printouts may have to wait until I actually know which workshops I will be attending. Oh, I have a preliminary list but that can change. And, there are some time slots that I can't decide which I want to attend. I think I will save that for Monday.

For now, I am off to pre-pack, do laundry and probably head out to shop for the necessities missing. Oh, I am also going to finish out my Paris blogs and schedule them to be posted while I am in Orlando. I will try and check in and read other blogs in the evening, if not too exhausted. From experience, I know my brain will be mush by Saturday morning from taking so much in.

Who else is going to the conference and do you do a pre-pack. If you aren't going to the conference, do you do a pre-pack before you take a trip?


  1. I got to attend a library conference once without any coworkers. It was a wonderfully relaxing and refreshing time.
    And THANK YOU for praying for me last week. I had the best few days of accomplishing some major projects on my desk. You are a great prayer warrior!

  2. Depends on how anxious I am to go.