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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paris in July - 7/21

After we emerged back into the sunshine following the Catacombs, we made our way to the Metro and went underground once again. Our destination was Notre Dame once again. Some of the students explored, others took the Metro to find the Paris Claire’s' Boutique because it was supposed to carry something that isn't in the states. I think a dad and others headed for the Paris Harley Davidson. Me, I wandered about with others. I had hoped to tour Sainte Chappelle. Unfortunately, it was Thursday, or better known as Mundey Thursday. The line outside of Sainte Chappell was ridiculous. However, I suspect I could have cut in line because those waiting wanted to go in on Good Friday. Oh, and after realizing that we were there on Thursday, I realize I have posted my days out of order. Oh well.

The reason so many were waiting to get in on Good Friday is because that is when the Crown of Thorns is brought out. Supposedly, Sainte Chappelle is in possession of the Crown of Thorns and pieces of wood from the cross Jesus was crucified on. So, all those people in line didn't really want to be in there on Thursday. But, like I said, the line was huge and I didn't want to walk down and ask the all if they minded if I went now since they didn't. One day I will get into Sainte Chappelle!

When everyone met up again outside of Notre Dame we decided to walk to our next destination - Musee d' Orsay. This is the Impressionist Museum. By looking at the map, the walk didn't seem all the far so we headed off for a stroll along the Seine. This was much more enjoyable than taking the Metro. We passed a number of vendors with prints, books, etc. It was a very nice day and a number of people were out and seemed to just be walking and enjoying themselves.

Once we were at the museum, everyone broke up to see the work of their favorite artist. For me, it was Renoir. He is my favorite and always has been. I love his bold colors and the fact that regardless of the nature print, there will be a person in there somewhere. I have had the opportunity to visit this museum twice. Next time, I would like to visit the Rodin museum. But, I guess I mentioned that before.

It isn't like I have not seen his work. About 20 yrs ago and exhibit came to our local museum. It was wonderful and I fell in love with his work. The detail is amazing. Most people are familiar with "The Thinker" or "The Kiss". I have a few replicas of his work in my house but I think my favorite is the "Hand of God". And speaking of hands, Rodin was amazing in his sculptures, especially when it came to hands.


  1. It's so nice how you're taking us all along your trip to France. I'm loving it!

  2. what a cool experience and a lifetime of museums to see...